Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, NARO

Division of Animal Environment and Waste Management Research

Animal husbandry has developed into one of a key section which accounts for about 30% of gross agricultural production, and has contributed to a rich and varied diet, and health promotion of the people in Japan. On the other hand, environmental issues such as malodor and water pollution from animal production occur in the context of increase in the farm size, urbanization of rural areas, approximation of residential areas, and rising demand for environmental protection. We conduct researches on the technology development for environmental and sustainable animal production as follows:

  • To develop technologies for pollution control and resource recovery in animal production;
  • To develop measurement systems and mitigation options for dealing with greenhouse gases from the livestock sector;
  • To develop technologies to increase animal comfort and farming productivity by improving animal environment and using self-supporting natural energy.


SUZUKI Kazuyoshi

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