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Energy Metabolism Unit

It is important and difficult to calculate nutrient requirement, because nutrient requirement is changed in different stage of cattle and environment. Nutrients obtained from consumed feed are used for not only obtaining energy and maintaining body temperature for living but also producing milk and meat in cattle. During the process, they also excrete urine, feces and methane gas. Since the partitioning of nutrients for food production depends on the life stage of the animal, such as growing, lactating or fattening period, and on environmental factors, such as temperature. It is also important to clarify characteristics of various feeds, nutrient contents or degradability in the digestive tracts, since available nutrient mass could be different depending on the origin of the feed and the combination of multiple feeds.

To develop novel feed management techniques with great accuracy to enhance digestibility and absorption of nutrients and efficiency of the products in cattle, 1) we study the optimal feeding program of available feeds at each stage (growing, lactating and fattening) through nutrient metabolism and rumen digestible fermentation, 2) we clarify the characteristics of new forage or feed stuff by feeding to cattle, and develop effective feeding technique. The part of results is reflected to Japanese feeding standard for dairy cattle and for meat cattle, and standard tables of feed composition in Japan.

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Research Publications

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