Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, NARO

Poultry Metabolism and Nutrition Unit

The main objective of our research is to determine the effects of dietary bio active substances, contained in self-supplied feed stuffs in Japan and domestic feed resources, on performance, protein and lipid metabolism, and/or biological defense mechanism in meat-type or egg-type chickens. Another objective is to evaluate the effects of dietary these feed stuffs or resources on quality of products, such as chicken meats or eggs. The expected outcomes of our research will contribute to develop product differentiation and new brands in poultry industry.

Even among self-supplied feedstuffs in Japan and domestic feed resources, we focused on whole or brown rice, because of a certain anti-oxidative content, such as α-tocotrienol or γ-oryzanol. We will carry out in vivo or vitro investigations by using nutritional, physiological, biochemical and/or molecular biological techniques to get scientific evidence on our research. In addition, we will make efforts to carry out some field experiments for reconfirmation and to spread our results.

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Research Publications

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