Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, NARO

Mountainous Grazing Unit

The Mountainous Grazing Unit is the only unit of the mountainous grazing research station located in Nagano. We have been pursuing grazing research using the slopes in mountainous areas as well as abandoned cultivated land. Currently, our unit is involved in the development of cow-calf grazing system utilizing abandoned cultivated lands in cooperation with other units. In that challenge, because of the excellent calf production to development, we carry out the development of the feed at the time of the grazing to the cow and calf. We are also working to develop technologies to supply feed for the full year to grazing cattle by a combination of pasture and forage crops. In addition, we are developing various labor-saving animal management systems that utilize ICT. Using the UAV, we are also working on the development of grass amount estimation method and the weed detection technology of grassland.

Scene of the early summer of cow-calf grazing system

Unit Leader

TEJIMA Shigeki

Unit Members