Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, NARO

Genetics and Molecular Breeding Unit

For ornamental plants, there is high demand among consumers for varieties with novel flower color and long vase life so that the flowers can be enjoyed for a much longer period. Hence, we aim to expand the utilization of ornamental plants by developing cultivars with new flower colors and long vase life cultivars. Further, for stable production of flowers from the production site, flowering characteristics suitable for planned cultivation and disease resistant cultivars are desirable. Although the elucidation of the control mechanism of useful traits utilizing genome information, development of DNA markers, development of breeding technology for efficient breeding have advanced significantly in many crops, not much progress has been attained in the development of these innovations in ornamental plant. In order to contribute to the promotion of breeding aiming for the improvement of important traits in flowers, we will develop breeding technology such as DNA marker development along with clarification of the control mechanism and genetic region related to the important traits utilizing genome information. In particular, we will promote the construction of linkage maps and the development of genome information which is the foundation for cultivar improvement of chrysanthemums and carnations. Also, for the earliness of chrysanthemum and the flower longevity of carnation, we will develop DNA markers. We also aim to develop lines and cultivars with good vase life and resistance to bacterial wilt which is one of the most damaging diseases affecting carnations in Japan. Furthermore, we will clarify control mechanism of pigment such as carotenoid at the molecular and gene level which will lead to the development of an efficient flower color control technology.


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Katsuhiko SUMITOMO

Masafumi YAGI