Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, NARO

Division of Floricultural Genetics and Breeding

We will promote identification of genes related to important traits such as disease resistance in chrysanthemum, carnation and Lisianthus. Furthermore, we will develop DNA markers and cultivate varieties that utilize them. We will cultivate the strain of dahlia with improved shelf life. In addition, we will promote the practical application of blue chrysanthemum by genetic recombination.


Development of "blue chrysanthemum" by genetic recombination (left): We introduced a blue gene extracted from other plant species in chrysanthemum to create a recombinant with flower color changed to purple. In the future, we will further improve bluishness and advance sterilization, aiming to put into practical use "blue chrysanthemum" by genetic modification.

Carnation genome database (right): Four agencies including the Agricultural Research Organization jointly collaborated and succeeded in decoding the whole genome of carnation. In flowers, the decoding of genome information is the first achievement in the world. We will use genome information in the future to aim for the development of innovative new varieties.



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