Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, NARO

Division of Floricultural Production and Postharvest Technology

We will develop efficient and stable production technology and disease control technology based on the physiological characteristics of flowers, and quality improvement technology focusing on prolonging the scent and shelf life of cut flowers. We will also investigate the effect of flowers on humans and the psychological state.


Functional Analysis of genes that control flowering (left): We found the flower growth promoting gene (FTL 3) and the flowering inhibitory gene (AFT) from chrysanthemum and will develop flowering control technology based on the properties of these genes.

Efficient and stable flower production (center): We will conduct research and research to efficiently and stably produce major flowers such as Lisianthus.

Increasing the shelf life of cut flowers (right): We will develop quality control technology for major cut flowers using ethylene inhibitor, carbohydrate, plant growth regulator etc.


Masayoshi NAKAYAMA

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