Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, NARO

Production Control Unit

The annual and stable production of flowers are becoming more difficult due to steep increase in the expense of using indoor heating system and very high temperatures at summer. Furthermore, domestic flower production is adversely affected as imports of flowers continue to increase. We overcame many difficulties faced during the flower production such as increase in the expenses, cultivation environment changes, import flowers, etc. In order to promote the flower production in Japan, we need to produce high quality flowers stably and strengthen international competitiveness. Therefore, in order to contribute to these objectives, we are engaged in research on technology development for stable production of high quality cut flowers for the main cut flowers starting with Lisianthus using fertilizer management, carbon dioxide application, and also by temperature and humidity control.

Also, for stable flower production, the occurrence of disease is one of the obstacles. Therefore, we will promote the development of defense technology based on the occurrence ecology of diseases (including elucidation of lifestyle of pathogenic bacteria such as the occurence and spread of the disease). We are engaged in the research to clarify the characteristics of the resistance of chrysanthemum to dwarfing disease, a viroid disease (the smallest pathogen than virus) which is one of the difficult to control.


Unit Leader

Mamoru SATOU

Unit Members