Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, NARO

Allium Unit

Our unit is responsible for the research on breeding of allium crops such as bunching onion, bulb onion and Chinese chives. The demand for processing and business of these vegetables has increased in recent years resulting in dependency on imported products. In order to supply products domestically in a more stable manner, it is necessary to realize high yield, year round stable production, cost reduction, and to cultivate new varieties compatible with quality and standards based on demand and needs of actual users. We are developing bunching onion varieties that can be stably cultivated from spring to summer with higher proportion of processing parts, as well as green onion varieties that combine high yield and high processing suitability. We are also developing DNA markers for improving the selection efficiency in the breeding of allium vegetables.


Unit Leader

Tomohiro YAMADA

Unit Members

Satoshi FUJITO