Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, NARO

Division of Vegetable Breeding

The Division of Vegetable Breeding aims to develop vegetable cultivars to meet the future demands in vegetable production including cultivars suitable for industrial processing, safe and secure vegetables with strong resistance against pests and diseases, and high-quality high-yielding vegetables for large-scale horticultural facilities. In addition, we will conduct basic research to promote the efficiency and sophistication of breeding technology.


Radish cultivar 'Sarawhite' (left): A new radish variety 'Sarawhite' that may change common conception of radish. The composition of pungent ingredients (glucosinolate) has been modified so that it does not turn yellow upon preservation and does not smell like traditional pickled radish making it suitable for industrial use.

Parthenocarpic tomato cultivation (right): The nature of inducing fruit production without pollination (parthenocarpy) is becoming a desirable strategy because it brings about stable production of fruits. We have elucidated the pat-2 gene that controls parthenocarpy in tomato for the first time in the world.


Yoshiteru SAKATA

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