Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, NARO

Fruit-vegetables Physiology Unit

In order to develop high quality / high yield and stable production throughout the year in the facility, it is necessary to develop advanced production technology that does not cause deterioration in quality and yield even in unsuitable environment such as high temperatures in summer. Hence, it is important to elucidate molecular and physiological characteristics associated with quality and yield, and to clarify the mechanisms involved in the occurrence of defects under adverse environmental conditions.

So far, we have clarified the molecular and physiological mechanisms related to the growth and formation of fruits in fruit-vegetables based on gene expression, plant hormones, histological and anatomical analysis etc. We are doing research for application in the development of new production technology. Currently, we focus on the mechanism associated with failure of fruit set due to high temperature stress in tomato and in elucidating the genetic and physiological characteristics of varietal differences. We are also aiming to develop a growth control method to suppress the occurrence of poor growth and defects in fruits. Furthermore, we elucidate the molecular physiological mechanism that maximizes the ability of each tomato variety, suitable temperature and humidity in the facility production, carbon dioxide concentration, concentration of nutrient solution etc. With these management conditions, we will demonstrate the cultivation at solar plant factory along with medium and large issues. We aim to develop innovative technologies for high quality / high yielding annual stable production of tomato.


Unit Leader


Unit Members


Satoshi MATSUO

Yusuke KAKEI

Hiroki UENO