Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, NARO

Division of Vegetable Pest Management and Functional Analysis

We will develop an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system incorporating natural enemies and microbial use for vegetable pests. We are working on the disease control effect by means of organic nutrient cultivation utilizing organic fertilizer, elucidation of "tastiness" of vegetables and their functionality, elucidating the mechanism of Fenton's reaction with divalent iron materials. Furthermore, in purpose to propose an environmental control technology which will achieve high quality and high yield cultivation of tomato, gene expression and plant hormones involved in the formation of tomato fruits are analyzed.


Pest management strategies (left): Control techniques by indigenous natural enemies, insect pest control using red light, countermeasures against delays in drug resistance development (Insect Pest Management Unit), elucidation of the mediator mechanism of insect virus virus diseases, control method of tomato leaf mold disease by antagonistic microorganisms, utilization of organic fertilizer We will develop technology to utilize deterrent soil effect by cultivation of mold cultivation (Phytopathology Unit).

Functional analysis strategies (right): In addition to the method of evaluating the "deliciousness" and the functionality of vegetables, we will develop a sterilization / antifouling technology with divalent iron materials (Quality and Function Research Unit). We will elucidate disorders such as high temperature stress of tomato and genetic / physiological characteristics among varieties and develop high quality / high yield growth control method (Fruit-vegetables Physiology Unit).


Mitsuyoshi TAKEDA

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