Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, NARO

Greenhouse Crop Physiology Unit

In Japan, the development of greenhouse vegetable production for high productivity and environmental load reduction has attracted much attention with great expectations from society. We are establishing the optimum environmental condition for superior vegetable growth and high productivity. For this purpose, a new semi-closed environmental control system is developed as a total control system for vegetable production using the Ubiquitous Environmental Control System (UECS) developed in Japan as a new technique for greenhouse environmental control. In this unit, we target labor-saving in cultivation management in a greenhouse, energy saving, stable high yield, reduced pesticide, and utilization of systematic techniques that enable quantitative control of functional ingredients. To achieve high-yielding and year-round production of high-quality vegetables, we also solve technical problems at advanced production sites. Furthermore, in order to lead the future greenhouse horticulture, we strengthen the cooperation with research institutes in basic research including the Netherlands and industrial fields. We are pursuing development of new cultivation control methods that have never been done before.

  • Systematization of technology capable of achieving an annual tomato yield of 55t/10a grown in a greenhouse
  • Elucidation mechanism of high-temperature stress disorder and elucidation of genetic and physiological characteristics of cultivar differences and development of a growth control method to decrease disorders in fruits and plants
  • Resolution of technical issues such as next-generation greenhouse horticulture base of 10 locations nationwide. We are engaged in the planning and management of regional strategy professionals and strengthening of collaboration in the technical field preceded by the Netherlands to develop technology for improving production efficiency.

Unit Leader


Unit Members

Dong-Hyuk AHN


Atsushi ODA