Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, NARO

Division of Vegetable Production System

We are conducting research on vegetable processing ・ business demand Demand Contract Contract Contract Development of production management system corresponding to cultivation, development of high-profit facility production system by large-scale production utilizing large facilities and efficient resource utilization, production environment conducive to environmental conservation type production and physiology of vegetables.


Tsukuba Plant Factory (left): The facility production technology in Japan is a well-established place for high-quality production, but cost reduction due to large scale is not progressing asexpected. This is because unexpected costs will arise if the scale of production technology system presupposing small scale remains unchanged. We aim to solve such problems unique to large-scale production, such as efficient heat utilization, labor saving techniques, and ICT utilization.

OPSIS (right): In processing or business demand directed production involve contract cultivation of constant quantitative price at a time, and production control for stable production is required more than production for the market shipped for convenience of producers. Therefore, we are working on the development of a more advanced stable production technology system utilizing OPSIS for underground irrigation system for upland fields.


Kunihiko OKADA

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