Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, NARO

Production Environment Unit

Environmental conservation measures against pests and diseases are indispensable in vegetable production. Although technology development for integrated pest management (IPM) ) has been promoted, it is particularly necessary to develop new control technologies that do not rely on chemical pesticides or disease resistant varieties. In addition, risk management of food poisoning bacteria is strongly demanded for vegetables which is mostly consumed as raw. In general, the amount of fertilizer applied to vegetable crops exceeds the nutrient requirements. Hence it is necessary to develop new fertilization management techniques in order to reduce environmental burden and save on labor. We are engaged in research aimed at developing microbial control technologies related to disease control and health management as well as technologies to achieve the environmental protective utilization of fertilizer and compost. We carry out the following research

  • In order to control diseases without relying on chemical pesticides and new varieties, we carry out search of filamentous fungi and yeast including the species and strain, which we have only few practical examples so far, search of strains capable of suppressing soil diseases of bacterial seedling blight.
  • Experimental verification on the survival of intestinal hemorrhagic E. coli and Listeria in the cultivation process of raw vegetables and risk of contamination of edible area.
  • We are working on the development of new fertilization management system that can be utilized for harvest control where we can adjust the number and timing of fertilization, type and quantity of fertilization method and fertilizer.

Unit Leader

Akimasa NAKANO

Unit Members

Masaharu KUBOTA

Nobutaka SOMEYA


Nobuyuki KIJIMA