Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, NARO

Production Technology Unit

Developing new technologies incorporating engineering methods such as ICT and robotics to achieve high-level stable production in advanced complex environmental control facilities, responding to various problems related to environmental control such as work system, labor management, energy consumption that occurs in horticulture facilities and in a plant factory are indispensable for improved production of vegetable crops. On the other hand, various sensing technology including image processing and technologies for energy saving environmental control and related equipment is progressing rapidly. Hence it is also very important to promote these strategies by incorporating advanced technology into practical methods as soon as possible.

The Production Technology Unit is pursuing research on the (1) development of a system that acquires crop information / work labor information using various sensing and control technologies including image sensing, and uses it for environmental control and labor management, (2) development of automatic harvesting robot for light labor and automation of work, and (3) development of high-temperature measures and energy-saving technologies utilizing heat pumps, pad and fans etc.


Unit Leader

Yasunaga IWASAKI

Unit Members


Tomohiko OTA


Hirotaka NAITO