Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, NARO

Vegetable Physiology Unit

Since it is difficult to control the cultivation environment under open field cultivation, the technology development and the expansion of production period for achieving the annual stable production can be greatly facilitated by physiological characterization of specific cultivars of vegetables. In greenhouse production of vegetables, we can develop high-yielding stable-production technology by optimizing the cultivation environment. However, elucidation of the physiological profile is indispensable in order to further increase the yield and to develop advanced crop management technology corresponding to the characteristics of each variety.

We are pursuing the (1) development of disease resistance to stem blight in asparagus, (2) physiological and genetic studies on tomato to develop high-yielding varieties and technology for high-yield crop management, (3) characterization of the flowering mechanism of lettuce, and (4) analysis of the growth and bolting mechanism of onion in order to provide the foundation of technology development related to stable production of vegetables, high-yield production, and expanding period of cultivation contributing to profitability, and quality control.

(In the upper right frame:Leaf lettuce in which bolting was induced by gibberellin (plant hormone))

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Machiko FUKUDA