Institute for Rural Engineering, NARO


  • Department of Research Promotion
    • Research Promotion Office
      • Deputy Head
      • Coordinator, Rural Development Research
      • Promotion Team
      • Liaison Team
      • Staff Management Team
    • Disaster Management Section
  • Department of Technology Transfer
    • Professor
    • Transfer Promoting Section
    • Technical Training Section
      • Training Affairs and Guidance Team
  • Division of Agricultural Environment Engineering
    • Advanced Paddy Field Management Unit
    • Soil Physics and Irrigation Unit
    • Water Management Unit
    • Controlled Environment Agriculture Unit
    • Agricultural Land Management Unit
  • Division of Facilities and Geotechnical Engineering
    • Structural Engineering Unit
    • Soil Mechanics Unit
    • Facilities Maintenance and Management Unit
    • Disaster Prevention Unit
  • Division of Hydraulic Engineering
    • Hydraulic Structures Design and Management Unit
    • Irrigation and Drainage Systems Unit
    • Coastal Hydraulics Engineering Unit
    • Aquatic Environmental Engineering Unit
  • Division of Regional Resources Engineering
    • Renewable Energy and Resources Unit
    • Hydrology and Water Resources Unit
    • Groundwater Resources Unit
    • Resources Evaluation Unit