Central Region Agricultural Research Center (CARC)

The Central Region Agricultural research Centre (CARC) is one of the core research institute of the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) conducting research on the breeding of rice, wheat, barley and soybean, and the development of new technologies for breeding. Research activities also cover basic technology for low-cost, stable and high-yield production, Systems of crop rotation on paddy field in the Kanto, Tokai, and Hokuriku regions, Supporting the development of farm management and regional agriculture. Environmentally friendly farming system via Environmentally friendly management of pest and weeds, Nutrient management of soil and crops that promotes nutrient circulation, and Scientific elucidation of the conditions that support organic farming and cultivation techniques Development of innovative technologies for the next generation via Advanced production management support systems, Crop models that support farming to adapt to climate change will be developed, and Development of new cultivars and innovative technologies.

Development of weed management systems

Database of weed biology and management, weed control manuals, and warnings of invasive weeds is now available in Japanese.

Corporate Number 7050005005207