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Bulletin of the NARO Agricultural Research Center for Central Region (CARC Report)

  • CARC Report No. 2 (June 2017)
    Furuhata, M. et al (2017) Evaluation of Direct-seeded Rice under Submerged Conditions in Italian Cultivation: Analysis of Seedling Emergence, Lodging Resistance, Dry Matter Production and Yield of Different Cultivars and Cultivation Practices of rice. pp. 1-15.
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  • CARC Report No. 1 (March 2017)
    Ashizawa, T. (2017) Development of a decision support system for timely application of fungicides against the false smut disease of rice. pp. 1 - 12.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
    Sagehashi, Y. et al (2017) Purification and cDNA cloning of three defensins in Brassica juncea and assessment of its antifungal activity. pp. 13 - 24.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
    Shimada, S. et al (2017) Effects of Water Table Control by Farm-Oriented Enhancement for Aquatic System and Non-tillage Narrow Row Cultivation of Soybeans (Glycine max) at a Farmer's Field in Kanto Region. pp. 25 - 40.
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Bulletin of the NARO Agricultural Research Center (Bull. NARC)

  • Bull. NARC No.26 (December 2016) Yasumoto, S. et al (2016) Yield and Quality of Direct Seeded Rice Cultivars in Different Cropping Seasons. pp. 1 - 22
    [Summary] [Full Text]
    Tabuchi, H. et al (2016) Multiplex PCR with SNP, STS and SSR Markers for Discriminating 114 Japanese Rice Cultivars. pp. 23 - 38 (in English).
    [Summary] [Full Text]
    Tabuchi, H. et al (2016) Development of Negative Marker Sets to Detect Contamination among 16 Rice Cultivars in Niigata Prefecture and Its Application with Bulk DNA Preparation Method. pp. 39 - 55.
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  • Bull. NARC No. 25 (March 2016) Matsuyama, H. et al (2016) The effect of omission of basal dressing for no-tillage soybean on the soil nutrient status in rice based cropping system. pp. 1-8.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
    Nakazono, K. and Matsuo, K. (2016) Application of the wheat developmental model for the prediction of harvest date in farmers' fields in Japan. pp. 9-16.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
    Maki, N. et al (2016) The actual situation and technological aspects of direct sowing of rice in the inter-row space of wheat and barley. pp. 17-28.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
    Sagehashi, Y. et al (2016) Production of the recombinant rice thionin peptide Osthi1 in Escherichia coli and assessment of its antimicrobial activity. pp. 29-37.
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  • Bull. NARC No. 24 (March 2015) Shigemune, A. et al (2015) A New Rice Cultivar, 'Mizuhonokagayaki', with Excellent Cooked Grain Appearance and Palatability. pp. 1-14.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
    Ashizawa, T. et al (2015) Development of a simulator of the rice blast race dynamics in multiline. pp.15-29.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
    Sekine H. and Umemoto, M. (2015) Comparison of the factors responsible for the wheat yield gap between Japan and Germany. pp. 31-54.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
    Miura, S. et al (2015) Weed Suppression and Rice Production by Mechanical Weeding and Rice Bran Application Work in Organic Rice Cultivation System. pp. 55-69.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 23 (February 2015) Hosono, T. et al (2015) Suitability of Welsh onion and broccoli cultivation in a heavy clay field equipped with a subirrigation and drainage system pp.1-21.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
    Takahashi, T. (2015) Soil tillage properties in clayey upland fields after conversion from rice paddies and the effects of soil tilth on soybean (Glycine max) growth. pp. 23-84.
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  • Bull. NARC No. 22 (July 2014) Kusa K. (2014) Nitrogen Compounds Emission from Agricultural Lands with Hevey Application of Nitrogen Fertilizer -Nitrous Oxide Emission from Upland Fields and Leaching of Nitrogen from Forage Rice Paddies with Heavy Application of Cattle Manure-. pp. 1-65.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 21 (March 2014) Hosono, T. et al (2014) Effect of drip irrigation on the yield of soybean (Glycine max) in a heavy clayey upland field converted from rice paddy in the Hokuriku Region of Japan. pp. 1-23.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
    Takebe, M. et al (2014) Changes in Soil Inorganic Nitrogen Concentrations and their Relationship with Yields of Carrot (Daucus carota L.) and Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) during the Transition Period of Organic Farming. pp. 25-51.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 20 (November 2013) Tanaka, K. (2013) A Study on a Framework for Distributed Cooperative System in an Agricultural Simulation Model. pp. 1-115.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 19 (October 2013) Sagehashi, Y. et al (2013) Refolding Procedure of Antifungal AFP1 Protein, a Defensin of Brassicaceae Plants, from Inclusion Bodies Expressed in Escherichia coli. pp. 1-13.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
    Sasahara, H. et al (2013) ʻKoshinokaori', A New Rice Noodle Cultivar. pp. 15-19..
    [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 18 (March 2013) Ito, S. et al (2013) A New Tartary Buckwheat Variety, "Hokuriku 4". pp. 1-13.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
    Itoh, S. et al (2013) Varietal Differences and Order of Comparative Cadmium Concentration in Carrot (Daucus carota L.), Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.), Endiv (Cichorium endivia L.) and Chicory (Cichorium intybus L.). pp. 15-35.
    [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 17 (July 2011) Noguchi-Tsujimoto, M. (2011) Virulence and Aggressiveness of Parasexual Recombinants of the Rice Blast Fungus Magnaporthe oryzae. pp. 1-38. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Morio, A. (2011) Suitability of Companies when Introducing Distinctive New Vegetable Varieties -A Case Study of New Varieties of Sweet Potato-. pp. 39-48. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 16 (March 2011) Katayama, K. et al (2011) Establishing a Cultivation Technology for Green Soybeans Using Early-Direct Sowing. pp. 1-15. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Shigemune, A. et al (2011) A New Rice Variety "Kareimai". pp. 17-37. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 15 (November 2010) Nagasaka, K. et al (2010) Development of a Practical Banker Plant System for Aphid Control in Commercial Greenhouse Crops in Japan. pp. 1-50. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Hirae, M. (2010) A Study on the Management of Green Rice Leafhopper Nephotettix cincticeps (Uhler) (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) Using Resistant Rice Varieties. pp.51-93. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 14 (January 2010) Itoh, S. et al (2010) Studies on the Varietal Difference of Cadmium Uptake in Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) and Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris var. cicla). pp. 1-15. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Hosono, T. et al (2010) Effect of Mulching and Row Cover on Soil Temperature and the Emergence of Early Direct-Seeded Edamame (Glycine max) in an Upland Field Converted from Rice Paddy in the Hokuriku Region of Japan. pp. 17-31. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 13 (March 2009) Matsuura, T. (2009) Studies on Phylogenetic Analyses and Detection Method of Fire Blight Pathogen and its Closely Related Bacteria. pp. 1-45. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 12 (February 2009) Inoue, K. et al (2009) Numerical Experiments for Climate-moderating Function of Agricultural Land Using a Coupled Model on Land-Atmosphere Interactions. pp. 1-45. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Kanazawa, K. (2009) Usage of Two Databases, One Containing Prefectural Recommendations of Fertilizers and Manure Application, and the Other Containing Nutrient Contents of Crops in Japan. pp. 27-50. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 11 (September 2008) Uehara, Y. (2008) Breeding of Rice Cultivars with Novel Traits for the Hokuriku Region. pp. 1-189. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Miyasaka, A. et al (2008) Pathogens Associated with Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat and Barley in the Eastern Part of Japan and Their Mycotoxin Productivity. pp. 191-199. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 10 (March 2008) Hibi, T. et al (2008) Antimicrobial Activity of E. coli-expressed Defensin (Bj-AFP1) isolated from Brassica juncea. pp. 1-8. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Goto, A. et al (2008) A New Rice Variety "Koshikagura". pp. 9-22. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 9 (January 2007) Miura, K. et al (2007) A New Rice Variety "Ayunohikari". pp. 1-16. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Takeuchi, H. (2007) Population Dynamics of Leptocorisa chinensis (Hemiptera: Alydidae) and Forecasting of Damage Occurrence in Rice Fields. Bull. NARO Agric. Res. Cent. 9: 17-74. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 8 (July 2006) Otuka, A. (2007) A long distance migration analysis of rice planthoppers using computer simulations. pp. 1-53. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 7 (January 2006) Miura, K. (2006) A New Rice Variety "Yumeaoba". pp. 1-23. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Matsumura, O. and Yamaguchi, H. (2006) Influence of short time concentration of heading spout in intense summer heat on the quality of rice in large-scale farmer's paddy field. pp. 25-37. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 6 (March 2005) Ito, S. et al (2005) A New Common Buckwheat Variety "Toyomusume" with High-Yield and Higher Rutin Content. pp. 1-13. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Kominami, Y. (2005) Study on CO2 Concentration Under the Snowpack at a Warm Part of Snowy Region. pp.15-49. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Takahashi, T. et al (2005) Influence of Soil Properties on the Yield of Soybean in Upland Fields Converted from Rice Paddies -a Case Study in Joetsu Region, Niigata, Japan-. pp. 51-58. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 5 (August 2004) Inoue, K. et al (2004) Numerical Experiments for Vegetation Mitigation Effects on Thermal Environment. pp.1-21. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Takayanagi, S. (2004) Quantitatively Predicting Seeding Emergence in Summer Annual Upland Weeds in Kanto Region Kuroboku Soil. pp. 23-58. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Koarai, A. (2004) Studies on Seasonal Changes in the Emergence of Annnual Broadleawed Weeds and the Ability of Rice Cultivars to Suppress Them in Paddy Fields. pp. 59-102. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 4 (January 2004) Mizukubo, T. et al (2004) Evaluations for the Suppressive Effects of Some Commercialized Antagonistic Plant Cultivars Alone or with Joint Use of Pasteuria penetrans on Meloidogyne incognia. pp. 1-16. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Itou, K. et al (2004) Estimation of Population Density of Pratylenchus penetrans Cobb and Carrot Damage by the Densities of Necrotic Lesions on Primary Roots of Edible Burdock (Arctium lappa L.). pp. 17-24. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Minagawa, N. et al (2004) Effect of Field Solarization on Control of Soil Nematodes. pp. 25-34. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Minagawa, N. et al (2004) Soil Application Effect of Methionine on the Root-Knot and Soil Nematode Densities, and Tomato Nursery Growth. pp. 35-40. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 3 (March 2003) Inoue, K. et al (2003) Study on Drying Processing Techniques for keeping the Quality of Soybeans. pp.1-49. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Uragami, A. et al (2003) Effect of Crop Rotation and Reduced Chemical Fertilization on Nitrate Nitrogen Concentration in Soil Solution, Control of Root Lesion Nematodes, Pratylenchus penetrans (Cobb) and Yeild of Carrot. pp. 51-58. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Kenzo Miura, Katsuyuki Katayama and Nozomu Minagawa (2003) Effcient Nutrient Management Technology for Carrot Based on Nutrient Balance and Nitrogen Uptake Pattern. Bull. NARO Agric. Res. Cent. 3: 59-69. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Miura, K. et al (2003) Demonstration of Effecient Nitrogen Nanagement for the Vegetable field with Successive Application of the Dried Hog Feces Under Solarization Before Sowing Carrot. pp. 71-79. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Katayama, K. et al (2003) Effect of Solarization by Using Clear Polyethylene Film Mulch on Weed Control in Upland Field. pp. 81-87. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Katayama, K. et al (2003) Effect of Low Input of Chemical Fertilizer and Agricultural Chemicals on Yield and Quality of Carrots. pp. 89-97. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Sugahara, K. et al (2003) Software System for Soil Nitrogen Balance Estimation on the Internet. pp. 99-105. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Tokuda, H. (2003) Profitability of the Sustainable Crop production in Vegetable Farming. pp. 107-121. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 2 (March 2003) Yoshida, S. (2003) Mechanisms of Crack Formation in Clayey Paddy Fields -The Effects of Farming on the Formation and Geometry of Cracks-. pp. 1-61. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Uehara, Y. et al (2003) New Rice Variety "Mebaemochi". pp. 63-81. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Uehara, Y. et al (2003) A New Rice Variety "Kusayutaka". pp. 83-105. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Yatou, O. et al (2003) Evaluation of Agronomic Traits and Environmental Risk of a Transgenic Rice Line, CT2, with an Oat Thionin Gene in an Isolated Paddy Field. pp. 107-124. [Summary] [Full Text]
  • Bull. NARC No. 1 (March 2002) Uehara, Y. et al (2002) A New Rice Variety "Shunyou". pp.1-21. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Uehara, Y. et al (2002) A New Rice Variety "Asatsuyu". pp. 23-43. [Summary] [Full Text]
    Otuka, A and Kitamura, C. (2002) Agriculture Case Base Decision Support by Harnessing Knowledge and Experience. pp.45-56.. [Summary] [Full Text]
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