Food Research Institute, NARO

Division of Food Processing and Distribution Research

Increasing diversity of consumers' and industrial needs

Popular demand for wholesome and high quality foods produced from domestic agricultural and fishery products increases more and more. In addition, in order to actualize the "an aggressive agricultural policy" to revitalize the regional economy due to the growth industrialization of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, expansion of demand for the domestic agricultural, forestry and fishery products, such as market share of domestics for processing use and business use, contributions to a society of health and longevity, correspondence to new domestic demand for accession of Washoku (Japanese food) and Japanese food culture to the next-generation, export promotion of domestic agricultural products, as well as offering high added value by building a value chain, are required. In order to meet these diverse needs, we are promoting studies on the food processing and distribution technology to keep the quality of raw food materials and to further enhance the added value, and to develop recycling and reuse technology of saving energy and resource.

Development of novel unit operation technology of food processing and systematization.

We promote studies on development of novel unit operation technology of food processing (heating, grinding, mixing, separation, etc.) as well as advancement of existing technology, and improvement of the system by combining them, to apply them to the actual spot in food industry.

Development of the utilization technology of rice and promotion of research on starch

We further promote the studies on development of the processing and utilization technology of rice based on various characteristics of the rice, that we have been tackling from the establishment of our former Institute for Rice Usage, and we will lead the research on starch in Japan by taking over the long experience of studies on starch both in basic and applied fields

Development of food evaluation techniques based on human senses and digestibility of food.

Evaluation of food is one of indispensable techniques for the improvement of food quality. We promote studies also on the method for food sensory evaluation and evaluation of starch digestibility in food.

Results and Achievements

  • Development of processing technology and preserving technology for effective use and for high-quality preservation of food resources and systematization of those technologies. (Food unit operations such as grinding, granulating, heating, freezing and drying and processing of rice, etc. )
  • Development of processing technology and evaluation technology for expanding the usage and enhancing the added value of domestic agricultural products and systematization of those technologies. (Processing and utilization technology of cereal based on the properties of components, such as protein and starch.)
  • Development of advanced food technology for extension of shelf life and improvement in quality and functionality of agricultural products. (Electric food process using Joule heating, high electric field AC, Radio frequency heating in water and Pulse electric field, and membrane separation technology for value-added agricultural products.)
  • Development of evaluation techniques and control system of food quality toward safe, tasty, and healthy foods. (Application of high hydrostatic pressure in food processing to control the food quality, improvement of the techniques for food sensory evaluation and evaluation and control of starch digestibility in food.)
  • Development of packaging, storage and transportation technologies for preservation of high quality agricultural products and food. (Analysis of various quality degradation factors in distribution and storage stages, and development of technology for prevention of quality degradation.)

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