NARO Brochure Updated (Japanese/English)

Updated:November 6, 2013 (Wednesday)


  • NARO Mission and Social Contribution (Takeshi Horie,President)
  • Organization
  • Promoting Research Projects
    • Stable Food Supply System

      Research and development for securing a second green revolution and food safety, and delivering sustainable agriculture

    • Climate Change and Biomass

      Research and development for responding to global warming and forming a recycle-based society

    • New Markets & Future Industries

      Research and development for creating added-value agricultural produce/food and creating new business through the fusion of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries

    • Rural Resources

      Research and development for the recovery of agriculture and rural communities in areas affected by natural disasters and the conservation of national land and resources

    • Responding to Nuclear Accidents

      Research and development for the recovery of agriculture, the re-opening of farms and the production of safe agricultural produce

    • Research and Development for Promoting Agricultural Mechanization

      Research and development for innovative machinery improvement that supports farming sites

  • Research Funds for Private Companies, Universities and Independent Administrative Agencies, etc.
  • Activities for Restoration and Recovery in Areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Initiatives in Industry-Academia-Government Cooperation
  • Sharing Research Results and Communicating with Society
  • Access to NARO Headquarters
NARO Brochure 
Japanese [PDF:3.8MB]
Engilsh [PDF:3.5MB]