"Rice in Japan" Calendar exhibition at Tsukuba Agriculture Research Hall

Updated:December 6, 2013 (Friday)

"Rice in Japan" Calendar
Paddy Fields, A Safeguard for Culture and the Environment

Tsukuba Agriculture Research Hall proudly presents the exhibition of "Rice in Japan" Calendar planned and produced by famous critic Kazuko Tomiyama.

Kazuko Tomiyama is a critic and researcher well known as a leading commentator in the field of water and natural environment.

She emphasizes in the importance of Japanese traditional agriculture, forestry and fisheries, especially the paddy field in Japanese culture as well as environment. She advocates this idea to the public from early ages, and has been making "Rice in Japan" Calendar every year to enlighten public to recognize this importance.

It is full of beautiful photos of paddy field and other scenaries, and poems composed by Kazuko Tomiyama herself. The poems are translated into English too.

Rice in Japan" Calendar exhibition includes video on screen in which Kazuko Tomiyama reading the poems with the pictures from the calendar.


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