New soft-sticky rice cultivar "Fuwarimochi"

Updated:August 30, 2016 (Tuesday)

A new soft glutinous rice cultivar "Fuwarimochi" that does not easily become hard when used for making 'mochi' (Japanese rice cake) has been developed by CARC/NARO. A late maturing cultivar, it can be harvested 2 weeks later than "Koshihikari" which is usually harvested in mid September providing enough time labor allocation of labor. With Hiroshima as target area for cultivation, this fast-growing cultivar can be harvested much earlier than the main variety "Hinohikari". It has strong resistance to lodging, as well as rice blast and leaf-blight diseases, and gives 10% higher yield than the "Mochiminori" variety which is widely grown in western Japan. Press release is available here(Japanese only)

(Picture on Left: Mochiminori, Center: Fuwarimochi, Right: KinuHanamochi)

"Fuwarimochi" -during field test (Location:Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture)

Rice and brown rice of "Fuwarimochi" (Left: Fuwarimochi, Center: Mochiminori, Right: new Taishomochi)
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