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NIFTS Overview

Brief History

June 1902
Established as Horticultural Division of Agricultural Research Station affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce in Okitsu, Shizuoka Prefecture
April 1921
Reestablished as an independent institute, Horticultural Research Station, at the same location
March 1938
Establishment of Tohoku Branch in Fujisaki, Tsugaru, Aomori Prefecture
December 1961 - transferred to Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture and renamed Morioka Branch
December 1947
Transfer of the Headquarters from Okitsu to Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Okitsu Station was designated as Tokai Branch
April 1964
Establishment of Kuchinotsu Experiment Field in Kuchinotsu, Minamitakagi, Nagasaki Prefecture
January 1973 - became Kuchinotsu Branch
April 1968
Establishment of Akitsu Branch in Toyota, Hiroshima Prefecture
January 1973
Establishment of Fruit Tree Research Station after separation from the Divisions of Vegetables and Ornamental Crops
December 1977
Transfer of the Headquarters to Tsukuba Science City (Tsukuba, Ibaraki Pref.)
October 1996
Renamed as NARO Institute of Fruit Tree Science (NIFTS). Abolished the Okitsu and Kuchinotsu Branches to establish the Department of Citriculture (Okitsu and Kuchinotsu); renamed Morioka Branch as Apple Research Center and Akitsu Branch as Persimmon and Grape Research Center
April 2001
Establishment of NARO Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) and NIFTS as one of the Institutes. Renamed the Dept. of Pomology as Dept. of Plant, Cell & Environment. Dept. of Citriculture, Okitsu and Kuchinotsu as Dept. of Citrus Research, Okitsu and Kuchinotsu.  Apple Research Center as Dept. of Apple Research. Persimmon and Grape Research Center as Dept. of Grape and Persimmon Research 
October 2003
NARO Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) reorganized as NARO Agriculture and Bio-oriented Research Organization
April  2006
NARO Agriculture and Bio-oriented Research Organization (NARO) reorganized as NARO Agriculture and Food Research Organization
Migrated to the research station branches,Shift to a research team from the organization of the research laboratory
April  2011
Changes to the research department from the research team research system

Description of Research Subjects

  1. Breeding of new varieties and sand root stocks by crossbreeding.
  2. Collection and introduction of fruit trees.
  3. Physiological analysis for stabilizing fruit production and improving fruit quality.
  4. Environmental analysis for enhancing fruit protection.
  5. Biotechnological analysis of fruit function.
  6. Training programs for the future fruit tree farmers.


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