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Field Informatics ・Sensor networks and field monitoring
・Model theories to quantify and evaluate diverse and complicated biological functions and environmental dynamics
・Bioinformatics, Image analysis, pattern recognition, and data mining that target living organisms
・Software technology for grid computing and modeling
Crop Production Management Systems ・Establishment of advanced technologies for knowledge-based and labor-saving crop production based on precise field management using sophisticated sensing devices
・Establishment of labor-saving crop production management systems, mainly in paddy fields and upland fields
・Establishment of methods for measurement and control by using nanotechnology, biotechnology, and information technology
Function and Regulation of Animal Production ・Study of the fiber degradation systems of rumen microorganisms
・Study of endocrine and metabolic mechanisms in growing and lactating dairy cattle
・Study of molecular biological methods for the classification, detection, and quantification of rumen microorganisms
Crop Genomic Breeding ・Elucidation of the mechanisms responsible for crop quality improvement

・Development of efficient crop traits evaluation methods for genetic analyses
・Genetic analyses and development of molecular markers for important agronomic characters in crop plants
・Molecular cloning of genes with agronomic importance in crop plants and elucidation of their functions
・Development of breeding programs and strategies by incorporating the selections based on genome information in crop plants.
Fruit Tree Genomic Breeding ・Genetic analysis for improvement of fruit traits by using genetic resources
・Study on DNA markers, molecular genetics, and genomic breeding of deciduous fruit trees
・Study on biological diversity, evolution, and conservation of genetic resources of fruit trees
Development and Utilization of New Genetic Resources in Ornamental Flowers ・Study on impact of climate change on fruit production and development of adaptation measures

・Development of DNA markers for the breeding of ornamental plants
・Research on the application of mass data for genomes in apple breeding