5001. 微生物利用による寒冷地対応型糞尿処理技術
    5002. トリハロメタン生成能の測定における畜舎排水の特性
    5003. Influence of pH on UASB treatment of swine wastewater
    5004. Swine wastewater treatment by a process consisted of UASB reactor and aerobic biological filter
    5005. UASBリアクターと散水ろ床を組み合わせた処理システムの豚舎汚水処理性能
    5006. Nitrification and denitrification in an activatedsludge system for supernatant from settled sow manure with molasses as an extra carbon source
    5007. Effect of a microbial preparation on fecal flora and fecal metabolic products of pigs
    5008. Biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal in a full scale sequencing batch reactor treating piggery wastewater
    5009. Microbial activities during composting of spent pig-manure sawdust litter at different moisture contents
    5010. Changes in chemical properties during composting of spent pig litter at different moisture contents
    5011. Salmonclla elimination during composting of spcnt pig litter
    5012. Elimination of phytotoxicity during co-composting of spent pig-manure sawdust litter and pig sludge
    5013. 家畜ふん尿処理における新素材利用技術の開発(3)
    5014. 家畜ふん尿処理における新素材利用技術の開発(4)
    5015. 家畜ふん尿処理における新素材利用技術の開発(5)
    5016. 大型養豚施設における円形スクープ発酵装置と土壌脱臭装置の実態調査
    5017. 家畜ふん尿の利用に関する実態調査
    5018. The inactivation of viruses in pig slurries: a review
    5019. 養豚経営におけるふん尿処理施設投資額と処理費用の実態
    5020. 鹿児島県において生産・流通されている家畜ふん堆肥の特性
    5021. 家畜尿汚水処理の低コスト化と簡易処理技術の開発一濾床による脱窒素、脱リン技術の開発一
    5022. 堆積発酵家畜糞中の悪臭を低減する微生物検索と培養条件の検討
    5023. 除ふん回数および給餌・給水器の違いが畜舎内臭気発生に及ぼす影響
    5024. 腐植質資材による悪臭の低減化
    5025. 環境中で働く微生物
    5026. N2O and NO emissions from grassland soils after the application of cattle and swine excreta
    5027. Swine-lagoon seepage in sandy soil
    5028. 豚ふん用発酵菌の検索
    5029. 豚の腸内微生物改善技術に関する研究一漢方薬残漬の豚への給与試験一
    5030. 豚の腸内微生物改善技術に関する研究一木酢液および高温発酵資材の給与試験一
    5031. 家畜ふん堆肥の簡易分析法
    5032. A simple design and operation for the anaerobic treatment of highly concentrated swine waste in the tropics
    5033. An on-farm swine waste management system in Hawaii
    5034. Integrating an intermittent aerator in a swine wastewater treatment system for land-limited conditions
    5035. Lime and pig manure as ameliorants for revegetating lead/zinc mine tailings: a greenhouse study
    5036. 家畜ふん尿の物理的・生物的方法による公害防止と効果的利用技術一1.担子菌を活用したオガクズ混入豚ふんのリグニン分解一
    5037. 悪臭防除試験(4)一水分調整材の違いによる堆肥化過程での臭気発生一
    5038. 豚ぷん堆肥化過程における脱臭方法(悪臭防止試験)
    5039. 蒸留木酢液、EM菌混合飼料の豚発育、糞尿消臭効果及び産肉成績に関する研究
    5040. Some physiological properties of microorganisms capable of deodorizing farm animal feces
    5041. 有機質資源化推進会議:有機廃棄物資源化大事典
    5042. Anaerobic decomposition of swine manure and ammonia generation in a deep pit
    5043. Effect of frequency and quantity of sprinklingcanola oil on dust reduction in swine buildings
    5044. Volatile fatty acids as odor indicators in swine manure - a critical review
    5045. 家畜排泄物からの環境負荷ガスの発生について
    5046. Effect of a Urease Inhibitor and ceiling Fans on Ascites in Broilers. 1. Environmental Variability and Incidence of Ascites
    5047. Automated gas chromatographic analysis system for micrometeorological measurements of trace gas fluxes
    5048. Measurements of nitrous oxide emissions from fertilized grassland using closed chambers
    5049. Economic and environmental consequences of technical and institutional change in Dutch dairy farming
    5050. Minderung von Emissinen aus der Tierhaltung -Kosten und Potentiale-
    5051. Natural and anthropogenic methane sources in New England
    5052. The nitrogen cost of food production
    5053. Scenarios of animal waste production and fertilizer use and associated ammonia emission for the developing countries
    5054. Effects of floor design and floor cleaning on ammonia emission from cubicle houses for dairy cow
    5055. Emission of nitrogen oxide gases during aerobic treatment of animal slurries
    5056. Ammonia volatilization from dairy farming systems in temperate areas : A Review
    5057. Further studies on the co-digestion of cattle slurry and wastemilk under shock loading condition
    5058. A UK inventory of nitrous oxide emissions from farmed livestock
    5059. Ammonia and nitrous oxide emission after landspreading of slurry as influenced by technique and dry matter-reduction short term nitrous oxide emission
    5060. 'Agricultural options for mitigatioin of greenhouse gas emission'. Chapter 23 Climate Change 1995-Inpacts. Adaptations and Mitigation of Climate Change Scientific Technical Analysis
    5061. An assessment of ways to abate ammonia emissions from UK livestock buildings and waste stores. Part 2 : Cost modeling
    5062. Measurements of N2O from composted organic wastes
    5063. First experiences with methods to measure ammonia emission from naturally ventilated cattle buildings in the UK
    5064. Emissionsraten variabler quelltypen in der landwirtschaft messungen mit fourier-transformierter infrarot-spektroskopie (FTIR) an gefuhrten und diffusen Quellen
    5065. Loss of nitrous oxide from animal manure in dungheaps
    5066. Nitrogen mobilization the United States of America and the People'S Republic of China
    5067. Swedish measures to reduce ammonia emissions
    5068. Production of nitrous oxide gas during denitrification of wastewater
    5069. Poultry manure composting : An exploratory study
    5070. 移動型NDIR CH4分析計の試作と微気象学的手法による草地のCH4フラックスの測定
    5071. Control Gaseous Emissions from livestock Buildings and manure stores
    5072. Generation of greenhouse gases during composting
    5073. Lachgasemissionen beim Kompostieren
    5074. Emission of climate-relevant trace succession of microbial communities during open-window composting
    5075. Kohiendixid und Lachgas bei der MasthThnchenhaltung auf verschiedenen Einstreuvarianten mit Hilfe des Multigasmonitoring
    5076. An open chamber technique for determination of methane emission from stored livestock manure
    5077. Seasonal variation in methane emission from stored slurry and solid manures
    5078. Effects of oxygen concentration and moisture content of refuse on nitrification and oxide production
    5079. Food production and consumption in Germany : N flows and N emissions
    5080. 名古屋市における都市大気中CH4濃度の動態解析
    5081. Opportunities for reducing the environmental impact of dairy farming managements a system approach
    5082. N20 emission from energy crop fields of Miscanthus "GIGANTEUS" and winter rye
    5083. Seasonal variability and mitigation options for N20 emissions from differently managed grasslands
    5084. A Simple Controllable, Non-Point Source of Gaseous Ammonia for use in Field Experiments
    5085. Ammonia volatilization during aerobic and anaerobic manure decomposition
    5086. Treatment of solid animal manures : identification of low NH3 emission practices
    5087. 土壌を含む気液平衡系におけるN20溶解度
    5088. Amount and limitation of ammonia emission from stored solid manure
    5089. Biological and chemical contamination of the air in a grower-finisher pig building using deep-litter systems
    5090. Emission of nitrous oxide and denitrification from danish soils amended with slurry and fertilizer. Progress in nitrogen cycling studies. In Progress in Nitrogen Cycling Studies (Van Cleemput O, eds)
    5091. Comparison of the effects of different systems on ammonia emissionn. In : Odour andAmmonia mission from Livestock Farming (Nielsen VC,Voorburg JH, L'Hermite P eds)
    5092. Loss of nitrogenous compounds during composting of animal wastes
    5093. 畑土壌への家畜尿施用にともなう窒素揮散
    5094. Estimates of ammonia emission from dairy cow collecting yards
    5095. 新設ダム湖からのCH4放出量と森林土壌への吸収量
    5096. Assessing and Mitigating N20 emissions from agricultural soils
    5097. Mitigating agricultural emissions of methane
    5098. The effects of soil conditions and nitrogen form on N2 0 evolution by denitrification
    5099. Measurement of denitrification products in soil by the acetylene inhibition method
    5100. Comparaison de lutilisation de sciure ou d'un melange paille-sciure comme mat~riau de litiere pour porcs charcutiers

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