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Pyrenophora graminea Ito & Kuribayashi [=Drechslera graminea (Rabenh. ex Schlecht.) Shoem.]
Classification: Ascomycota, Locuoascomycetes, Dothideales, Pleosporaceae

 Distributed northern form Kyushu, the southern Distr. Causes leaf blight in barley. Also isolated from intact whaet as an inhabitant. Disperses by scattering conidia. Teleomorph produced on rotten stems and stubbles.

Characteristics: Plant pathogen

 Teleomorph: Pseudothcia with setae. In cylindrical asci, producing ascospores of yellow brown, ellipsoid, 45-78 x 20-33 um in size, constricted at the septa, with 0-1 vertical and 2 transverse septa.
 Anamorph: On pale to yellow brown conidiophores, producing conidia pale to pale brown, oblong to cylindrical with rounded ends, 27-110 x 12-23 um in size, 1-7 pseudosepta.


Herbarium specimen in NIAES

Specimen No. Scientific name Host name Host scientific name Symptoms Geographical origin Collected date Collector
103-2-13 Pyrenophora graminea   barley Hordeum vulgare Stripe Gojo, Nara 1906.5.31  Hori, S.
103-2-12 " " " " Matsuyama, Ehime 1915.5.5 Maehara, S.
103-2-11 " " " " Koganei, Tokyo 1933.4.16
103-2-23 " " " " Fukuoka 1936.5.31 Kawamura, E.
103-2-24 " " " " Itabashi, Tokyo 1942.4.26 Asuyama, H.
145-1-56 " " " " Kumagaya, Saitama 1978.5.12 Hino, T.

(Described by Tsukiboshi, T., NIAES, Microbial Systemtics Lab., 2003)

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