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Program, Abstracts, and Presentations of MARCO/GRA Joint Workshop on Paddy Field Management and Greenhouse Gases

September 1, Wednesday
Scientific symposium for oral presentations of research
Venue: Epocal Tsukuba (Tsukuba International Congress Hall), Room 200

Program and Abstracts [PDF]

Outline of the Workshop [PDF]
Kazuyuki Yagi / National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, Japan

The Global Research Alliance: Enhancing agricultural greenhouse gas mitigation research across the world [PDF]
Meredith Stokdijk / Secretariat of the GRA, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, New Zealand

Climate change research activities at the International Rice Research Institute [PDF]
Reiner Wassmann / International Rice Research Institute, the Philippines

Possible options to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from paddy fields[PDF]
Kazuyuki Inubushi / Chiba University, Japan

Integrated greenhouse gas emissions from paddy fields in China [PDF]
Xiaoyuan Yan / Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Greenhouse gas emissions from Indian paddy fields [PDF]
Chhemendra Sharma / National Physical Laboratory, India

Greenhouse gas emission under different crop management practices in Indonesia [PDF]
Prihasto Setyanto, Helena Lina Susilawati, Rina Kartikawati, Miranti Ariani, and Titi Sopiawati / Indonesian Center for Agricultural Land Resources Research and Development, Indonesia

Overview of Research Activity toward Gas Emission in Paddy Rice Production in Vietnam [PDF]
Nguyen Hong Son and Vu Thang / Institute for Agriculture Environment, Vietnam

Greenhouse gas emission, mitigation and soil carbon sequestration potential for Thailand paddy fields[PDF]
Amnat Chidthaisong and Sirintornthep Towprayoon / The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand

Rice situation, PalayCheck system, and methane emissions in the Philippines [PDF]
Eduardo Jimmy Pua Quilang, Flordeliza H. Bordey, Rolando T. Cruz, Constancio A. Asis Jr. and Elmer D. Alosnos / Philippine Rice Research Institute, the Philippines

Rice production practices in Malaysia in relation to GHG emissions [PDF]
Shuhaimen Bin Ismail / Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute, Malaysia

Methane and nitrous oxide emissions from an Uruguayan rice fields [PDF]
S. Tarlera, V. Pereyra, A. Fernandez, J. Terra and Pilar Irisarri / University of the Republic, Uruguay

Interaction of methane and nitrous oxide emissions from a paddy field with AWD water-saving irrigation management [PDF]
Yasukazu Hosen / Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, Japan

Reducing CH4 emission from rice paddy fields by altering water management [PDF]
Shigeto Sudo, Masayuki Itoh and Kazuyuki Yagi / National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, Japan

Tier 3 estimation of methane emissions from rice fields [PDF]
Tamon Fumoto, Michiko Hayano and Kazuyuki Yagi / National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, Japan

Stock-take of research activities in Japan [PDF]

Paddy fields management breakout session, GRA meeting, 9 April, 2010 [PDF]

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