Database and Data Map

Net Primary Productivity (NPP) of Natural Vegetation and Related Climatic Resources in Japan

Viewing System for Global Agriculture and Environment (GAEN-View)

Ecosystem Database

Realtime monitoring and surveilling system for eddy covariance flux measurement (FluxPro)

Asian-Pacific Alien Species Database (APASD)

Index of Parasitic and Symbiotic Microbes on Wild Plants in Japan

Microorganisms Database: 2,4DdegradationDB Ver3.0; BcepaciaInfobioDB Ver3.1; Specimen-image1; Biosafety Ver3.0

An Illustrated Key to Japanese Species of the Tribe Pilophorini (Heteroptera, Miridae)

A check list of Japanese Cinara Curtis (Homoptera: Aphididae) with keys to the species

NIAES Type Specimens
Thysanoptera / Hemiptera / Neuroptera/ Coleoptera / Diptera / Trichoptera / Lepidoptera / Hymenoptera

National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES)