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Outline of National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES)

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Conserve the environment by listening to the wind, observing the soil and thinking of our future

National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences

3-1-3 Kannondai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8604, Japan
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Target and Strategy

The National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES) has its roots in the Agriculture and Commerce Ministry's National Agricultural Experiment Station, which was created in 1893. In 1950, this was reorganized into the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, and in 1983 it was again reorganized into the National Institute of Agro-Environmental Sciences. In 2001, it became an independent administrative institution.

Under our five-year research plan, we have three objectives which emphasize basic studies and research meant to ensure the safety of agricultural production environments.

1) Assessing risk in agricultural environments and developing risk management technologies

2) Elucidating the structure of agricultural ecosystems in order to develop technologies to manage natural cycles

3) Basic research to help elucidate the functions of agricultural ecosystems

Research Strategy for the 3rd Medium Term Plan

A. Interactions between global environmental change and agriculture

1) Quantification of mitigation options for greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural lands
2) Mechanisms and impacts of global environmental change on crop production

B. Investigation of variation mechanism of agrobiodiversity and the environmental function

1) Investigation of variation mechanism of agrobiodiversity and development of the appropriate management technology
2) Investigation of environmental biofunction for environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture

C. Dynamics of agro-chemicals and reducing method of their risks in agro-environment

1) Improvement on reducing method of risks for toxic chemicals
2) Predicting method of environmental dynamics of agro-chemicals and evaluating method of their impacts on agro-ecosystem

D. Advancing natural resources inventory

1) Monitoring and prediction of agro-environmental dynamics using geoinformation and flux-measurement
2) Collecting Agro-environmental information and development of integrated database

NIAES Research Projects (2011)

NIAES has organized following Research Projects (RP) to carry out the 3rd Medium Term Plan.

NIAES Research Projects (2008)

Main Research Facilities

a) Library: Approximately 130,000 books and 2,100 periodicals relating to agricultural sciences, including agro-environmental studies stored for consultation by a large number of researchers.

b) Soil Museum: Soil monoliths from the whole country and the world including poor soil, fertile soil, red soil or black soil.

c) Insect Museum: 1.2 million specimens including agricultural insects to utilize for studying taxonomy and biodiversity.

d) Isolation Field for Transgenic Plants: Utilized to elucidate the effect of transgenic plants on the ecosystem.

e) Analysis Facility for Hazardous Chemicals in the Environment: Measurement of hazardous chemicals, such as dioxins and heavy metals, in the agro-environment.

f) Rice FACE Facility: Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experiment field to investigate the effects of elevated CO2 on rice paddy.

Symposia, Seminars and Workshops

These activities attended by a large number of researchers are organized in order to promote discussions on problems relating to agro-environmental researches.  (see Announcement Page )

International Cooperation

The Institute organizes training courses and promotes technical cooperation and the exchange of researchers with various countries depending on their requirements, with emphasis placed on the developing countries of Southeast Asia.

Organization of NIAES


Vice President


Principal Research Director

Research Planning Office

Research Coordination Office

Public Relations and Information Office

Research Information Systems Office

Safety Management Office

Experimental Farm Management Division

Principal Administrative Director

Administrative Services Office

Accounting Office

Principal Research Coordinators

Agro-Meteorology Division

Carbon and Nutrient Cycles Division

Soil Environment Division

Organochemicals Division

Biodiversity Division

Environmental Biofunction Division

Ecosystem Informatics Division

Natural Resources Inventory Center

Audit Office

Access to NIAES

NIAES is located in Tsukuba Science City, approximately 60 km northeast of Tokyo. To reach NIAES from JR Ushiku Station, use the western exit and take the Kantetsu Bus for "Tsukuba Daigaku Byoin", "Tsukuba Daigaku Chuo", or "Yatabe Shako" which leaves from bus stop No. 4 located just outside of Ushiku Station. Ask for the stop named "Nogyo Kankyo Gijutsu Kenkyusho" after approximately a 15-20 minute ride.

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