April 1, 2015


Nobuhiro MINAKA


Ecosystem Informatics Division


Senior Researcher




Bachelor of Agronomy: The University of Tokyo, 1980
Master of Agronomy: The University of Tokyo, 1982
Ph.D.(Doctor of Agronomy): The University of Tokyo, 1985

Research Activities:

  1. Mathematical phylogenetics: Theoretical foundations of phylogenetic systematics from the standpoint of partial-order theory; Mathematical theory of most parsimonious reconstruction of hypothetical ancestral character states; The formal system of tree diagrams (cladogram, phylogram, and phylogenetic tree) in pattern cladistics.
  2. Visualizing phylogeny and evolutionary infographics: Iconology of phylogenetic diagrams (chain, tree, and networks); Infographic representations of large phylogenetic structures in, biology, stemmatics, linguistics, and other historiographic sciences.
  3. Computational phylogenetics: Developing algorithms and softwares for computing phylogenetic trees from large datasets (> 20,000 OTUs)
  4. History and philosophy of systematics: Historical transformation of biological systematics among other related sciences; Sociological networks in contemporary systematics communties and their impact.

Honors and Awards:


Phone: +81-29-838-8224
Email: minaka [at] affrc.go.jp
Website: http://www.naro.affrc.go.jp/archive/niaes/minaka/

Recent Publications (2005—):

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