April 1, 2015


Jun Tabata


Biodiversity Division


Phone:   +81-29-838-8254
E-mail:   jtabata [at] affrc.go.jp



Research Activities and Interests

My research focuses on chemical communication of insects and its diversity in the environment. (1) Pheromones are an essential communication tool in many insects. I'm interested in illustrating the divergence of chemical structures and their biological roles through analysis and identification of these compounds. (2) I'm also studying the application of these pheromones and related chemicals to agricultural pest management. Particularly, I am engaged on elucidating mechanisms of mating disruption by synthetic pheromones and evolution of resistance against it. (3) Interaction between insects and plants or microbes is often mediated by chemical signals. I'm trying to approach the chemical signaling systems in interactions among insects and other organisms. (4) Currently, I am an a editorial board member of Applied Entomology and Zoology.

adoxophyes honmai
Illeis koebelei

Relevant Publications