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Priority Research Areas of NIAES (2006-2008)

Environmental Risks of Agrochemicals and POPs

Risk Assessment and Solution Technologies for Soil Contaminated by Harmful Heavy Metals and Other Substances

Assessing the Ecological Impact of Alien Species and Managing the Risks

Understanding the Ecological Impact of Genetically Modified Organisms

Diversity of Biota in Rice Paddies and Adjacent Areas

Inter-species Interaction by Semiochemicals

Modeling of Paddy Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change and Development of Wide Area Assessment Methodology for Rice Production

Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Technologies in Farmland

Development of Wide-area Assessment Methodologies for Carbon/Nitrogen Balance Associated with Agricultural Activity

Assessing the Water Pollution Risk by Nutrient Salts Efflux from Farmland

Checking Global Warming through Monitoring of Agricultural Ecosystems

Development of Analysis Methods for Chemical Substances and Long-term Monitoring of Radioactivity in Farm Products

Informatization and Utilization of Agricultural Environment Resources by the Use of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System

Development of Methodologies for the Formulation of Agricultural Environment Risk Indicators in Japan

Construction of a Comprehensive Inventory and Development of Methods for Utilization