The 3rd International Workshop of the Japan-Korea Research Cooperation

Nitrogen Load in Agro-Ecosystems and its Outflow to Water Bodies: Analyses with Monitoring and Modeling

Cosponsored by

National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES), Japan


National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (NIAST), Korea
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Date: March 15, 2006
Venue: Tsukuba International Conference Hall


It is well known that rivers and underground bodies of water are polluted by the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and the disposal of livestock excreta in agricultural lands. Finding solutions to these problems is difficult, mainly because of the complexity of precisely drawing a global image of pollutants. They are scattered broadly and thinly. To quantitatively evaluate the outflow of nutrients from non-point sources of pollution, model analyses are needed, along with a careful monitoring of the quality of these bodies of water.

In this workshop, which NIAES and NIAST will cosponsor, we will highlight the problems of nitrogen load on the agro-ecosystem and its outflow to bodies of water as part of the scenario to improve the quality of water in rivers and lakes. Our focus will emphasize model analyses and monitoring, and we will present research results and hold discussions on these subjects in regard to the United States, Europe, and East Asia.

Program (tentative):

M. David (University of Illinois, USA)

Nitrogen Biogeochemistry in Agricultural Watersheds of the Midwestern USA

R. Hatano (Hokkaido University, Japan)

Environmental Impacts of Nitrogen Load and its Outflow on Agriculture: Problems in East Asian Countries

Zucong Cai (Nanjing Institute of Soil Science, CAS, China)

Comparison of Nitrogen Outflows from the Uplands and Paddy Fields in China

Kee-An Roh (NIAST, Korea)

Assessment of Nitrogen Outflow from Rice Paddies in Korea

J. L. Hutson (Flinders University of South Australia, Australia)

LEACHM: Modeling of the Solutes Movement in the Soil-Plant System

S. Eguchi (NIAES, Japan)

Water Flow and Nitrate Transport through the Vadose Zone and Shallow Aquifer below Agricultural Croplands

T. Kubota (National Institute of Rural Engineering, Japan)

Mechanisms of Water and Nitrogen Cycling at Basin Scale: A Case Study of the Kimotsuki River Basin in Kagoshima

Jin-Ho KIM (NIAST, Korea)

Estimation of Runoff of Non-point Pollutants at Rural Small Watersheds Using a Non-point Source Pollution Model

P. S. Davison (ADAS Research, UK)

Model for the Evaluation of Nitrogen Outflows at Field and Basin Scales

Time Schedule is here (PDF file 340KB)

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National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES)

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National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences