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NIAES International Symposium 2007
Invasive Alien Species in Monsoon Asia: Status and Control
(Oct. 22–23, 2007)


Recently the drastic increase and expansion of the global exchange of people and materials has caused a growing influx of alien species, such as plants, animals, and microbes. This is now a serious threat for world people, as invasive alien organism can seriously affect agricultural products and ecosystems.

Controlling invasive alien species has become an urgent challenge all over the world. In order to establish ways to prevent their invasion and spread, and to minimize the economic and environmental damages caused by invasive alien species, it is very important to share up-to-date information with neighboring countries, and to accelerate data-inputting into APASD, Asian-Pacific Alien Species Database.

So we will open International Symposium for Invasive Alien Species in Monsoon Asia: Status and Control, under the Monsoon Asia Agro-Environmental Research Consortium (MARCO): toward International Research Collaboration

Date: October 22 – 23, 2007

Venue: Conference Room 102, Epochal Tsukuba, Japan

Registration: Oct. 22   9:00 –

For further information, please contact:

Kazuo Hirai
Director of Biodiversity Research Division
National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES)
  3-1-3, Kannondai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8604, Japan
  Tel: +81-298-38-8251   Fax: +81-298-38-8251


October 22 (Monday)

chair by Hirai

 9:30   Opening Address

NIAES President, Dr. Yohei Sato

 9:40   Biology and ecology of invasive species

Prof. John Silander, Connecticut Univ. USA

chair by Fujii

10:30   Invasive plants in Malaysia

Prof. Baki Hj Bakar, Univ. of Malaya, Malaysia

11:10   Invasive alien species in China

Dr. Sheng Qiang, Nanjing Agric. Univ., China

11:50   Break, Poster session

chair by Nishida

13:15   Recent researches on invasive alien plants

Dr. Yoshiharu Fujii, NIAES, Japan

13:45   Researches on alien plants in Tropical Asia

Dr. Siriporn Zungsontiporn DOA, Thailand

chair by Ikeda

14:25   Rural Landscape Information System

Dr. Yoshinobu Kusumoto, NIAES, Japan

14:55   Invasive plants in UK

Prof. Owen Smith, Univ. of Plymouth, UK

15:35   Questions and Answers

chair by Konuma, Horita, and Mochizuki

15:50 – 18:00   Poster session, Workshop for APASD, with Mixer

October 23 (Tuesday)

chair by Tanaka

 9:00   Invasive insects in Japan — their current status and the risk assessment —

Dr. Atsushi Mochizuki, NIAES, Japan

 9:30   Ecological aspects of biological invasion in agriculture and forest

Prof. Run Jie Zhang, Zhongshan Univ., China

10:10   Occurrence of Opogona sacchari in Japan

Dr. Shin-ichi Yoshimatsu, NIAES, Japan

10:40   Break, Poster session

chair by Yamamoto

11:00   Utilization of native predatory fly, Coenosia exigua (Diptera: Muscidae), for biocontrol of Liriomyza huidobrensis

Dr. Amporn Winotai, DOA, Thailand

11:40   Biological control: An ecological approach to manage invasive pest insects

Dr. Takatoshi Ueno, Kyushu Univ., Japan

12:20   Break, Poster session

chair by Mochizuki

13:30   Invasive alien species in Vietnam

Dr. Dang. Thi Dung, Hanoi Agric. Univ., Vietnam

14:10   Recent invasion of the coconut hispine beetle in the SA

Dr. S. Nakamura, JIRCAS, Japan

14:40   What is the situation now with the invading fire ants in Taiwan?

Dr. Ker-Chung Kuo, BAPHIQ, Taiwan

15:20   Break, Poster session

chair by Hirai

15:40   Expansion of the invasive freshwater mussel, Limnoperna fortunei (Mytilidae) in Japan

Dr. Kenji Ito, NIAES, Japan

16:10   Pomacea canaliculata and Rice Black Bug in the SE Asia

Dr. R. C. Joshi, Philrice Philippines

16:50   General Remarks:   Research network for IAS in Monsoon Asia

Dr. Kazuo Hirai, NIAES, Japan

Dr. Tetsukazu Yahara, Kyushu Univ., Japan

Dr. Takashi Wada, Kyushu/Okinawa Agric. Res. Center, Japan

17:30   Closing address

NIAES Vice President, Dr. Masako Ueji