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Proceedings of International Seminar on
Enhancement of Functional Biodiversity Relevant to
Sustainable Food Production in ASPAC
— In association with MARCO —
November 9-11, 2010
Tsukuba, Japan



Keynote papers

1. Biodiversity enhancement on arable land: the effects of local management and landscape context

by Dr. Matthew S. Heard   [paper]

2. Current status of habitat manipulation for natural enemies and pest management in Japan

by Dr. Hisashi Nemoto

Resource papers

3. Effects of diverse surrounding ecosystems and pollinator species on crop pollination

by Dr. Hisatomo Taki   [paper]   [presentation (2.5 MB)]

4. Conservation and sustainable utilization of stingless bees for pollination services in agricultural ecosystems in Malaysia

by Dr. Mohd Norowi Hamid   [paper]   [presentation (3.8 MB)]

5. Advanced management of bee health and beekeeping under Taiwan subtropical/tropical climate

by Dr. Yue-Wen Chen   [paper]   [presentation (4.1 MB)]

6. Effect of sub-lethal dosages of insecticides on honeybee behavior and physiology

by Dr. En-Cheng Yang   [paper]

7. Current status and agricultural utilization of insect pollinators in Korea

by Dr. Hyung-Joo Yoon   [paper]   [presentation (4.1 MB)]

8. Impact of losing pollinator diversity: a case study in Taiwan

by Dr. Jung-Tai Chao   [paper]   [presentation (2.6 MB)]

9. Wild bees as crop pollinators in Taiwan

by Dr. I-Hsin Sung   [paper]   [presentation (14.1 MB)]

10. Natural enemies and their use in the bio-control of insect pests in Taiwan

by Dr. Chi-Feng Lee   [paper]

11. The species of an herbivore-natural enemy associated with brown plant hopper outbreaks at Red River Delta, Viet Nam

by Dr. Ho Thi Thu Giang   [paper]   [presentation (1.6 MB)]

12. Natural enemies of important insect pests of field crops and utilization as biological control agents in Thailand

by Dr. Wiwat Suasaard   [paper]   [presentation (47.7 MB) / presentation (19.6 MB)]

13. Classical biological control of banana weevil borer, Cosmopolites sordidus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) with natural enemies from Indonesia

by Dr. Ahsol Hasyim   [paper]   [presentation (1.4 MB)]

14. Biological control agents of bean fly Ophiomyia phaseoli (Tryon) (Diptera:Agromyzidae) on mungbean in Myanmar

by Dr. Thi Tar Oo   [paper]   [presentation (3.4 MB)]

15. Effect of landscape structure on functional biodiversity

by Dr. Shori Yamamoto   [paper]   [presentation (6.2 MB)]

16. S and T technology transfer modality in managing crop pests

by Dr. Jocelyn A. Eusebio-Eusebio   [paper]   [presentation (6.4 MB)]

17. Metagenomic approach to soil microbial diversity and functions

by Dr. Takeshi Fuji   [paper]   [presentation (4.8 MB)]

18. Diversity of coprophagus invertebrates in Korea and their role in soil ecosystem

by Dr. Hea-son Bang   [paper]   [presentation (3.7 MB)]

19. Selection of indicator organisms for functional agrobiodiversity in paddy ecosystems in Japan

by Dr. Koichi Tanaka   [paper]   [presentation (2.0 MB)]

20. Selection of indicator organisms for functional agrobiodiversity at the crop field level in Japan

by Dr. Fumio Ihara   [paper]   [presentation (1.4 MB)]

21. Preservation of natural enemies as an indicator of agrobiodiversity in terms of planting ground cover in orchard

by Dr. Koji Mishiro   [paper]

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