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International Workshop
on Advanced Use of Satellite- and Geo-Information
for Agricultural and Environmental Intelligence
—In association with MARCO
March 2-4, 2011
Tsukuba International Congress Center, Tsukuba, Japan


Agricultural and Environmental Intelligence (AEI), i.e., monitoring, analyzing, and predicting the dynamics of agro-ecosystems is crucial for food and environmental decision making at local, national and international scales such as precision crop management and carbon sequestration strategies. Geoinformation is the essential basis for agricultural and environmental intelligence, since ecosystems are highly heterogeneous and changing dynamically. Here, remote sensing (RS) and geographical information system (GIS) have vital roles to acquire and integrate such data and information for systematic analysis of ecosystem service, function and sustainability. A great deal of studies have explored and demonstrated the potential of RS for such applications. On the other hand, thanks to GIS tools, a wide range of efforts have been made to integrate geographical data at various scales and resolutions to understand ecosystem processes and services.

Nowadays, many satellites with advanced sensors such as high-resolution, hyperspectral, and SAR sensors are available and/or will be launched in a few years. Standardization of GIS tools and evolution of web-GIS will accelerate the integration and operational use of geoinformation in various environmental and agricultural applications. However, more systematic efforts are required for advanced and operational applications of RS and GIS in AEI.

Purpose of the workshop

1. Review the state-of-the-art in RS and GIS for AEI

2. Exchange the status in use of RS and GIS in various countries

3. Examine the possibility of a common geoinformation system for AEI in monsoon Asia countries

4. Foster the inter-disciplinary, inter-agency, and international network for monitoring, analyzing, and predicting the ecosystem resources using RS and GIS

Date and Place

Date:   2-4, March, 2011 (2 days for meeting and 1 day for excursion)

Place:Tsukuba International Congress Center (EPOCAL TSUKUBA)
2-20-3, Takezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0032, Japan
Tel: +81-29(861)0001   Fax: +81-29(861)1209

Program committee

Dr. Yoshio Inoue, Dr. Tetsuhisa Miwa (NIAES) and Dr. Jiaguo Qi (Michigan State Univeristy)


National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, Tsukuba, Japan

Co-organizer:  Michigan State University, CGCEO
Supporting Institutions:  The Remote Sensing Society of Japan, and others

*MARCO:  Monsoon Asia Agro-Environmental Research Consortium


No registration fee is required, but REGISTRATION IN ADVANCE is highly appreciated.
If you wish to participate in the reception (fee ¥5,000) and the excursion, please register before Feb. 14. Booking will be made on a first-come-forst-served basis.

leaflet image
Leaflet(cover) of International Workshop
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Tentative Program   (Latest Version (PDF))

All presentations and discussions are in English.

March 2 (Wednesday)


09:30   Yohei Sato (NIAES, JP) -- Welcome by NIAES President

Session 1:  Satellite and Geoinformation for Agriculture, Ecosystem and Environment

09:45   1. Yoshio Inoue (NIAES, JP) -- Ag. & Environ. Intelligence

10:15   2. Erling Andersen (U. Copenhagen, DK) -- Geoinfo-database for A&E in EU

10:45   3. Ryutaro Tateishi (Chiba U., JP) -- Vegetation and land-use data

11:15   4. Jiaguo Qi (Michigan State U., US) -- RS for global change

Session 2:  Remote Sensing and Geoinformation in Monsoon Asia - Case studies and Status -

13:00   5. Masuo Takahashi (JAXA EORC, JP) -- Case studies & Status in Japan

13:30   6. Ouyang Zhiyun (CAS, CN) -- Case studies & Status in China

14:00   7. Mastura Mahmud (U. Kebangsaan Malaysia, MY) -- Case studies & Status in Malaysia

15:00   8. Yuan Shen (Chung Hsing Univ., TW) -- Case studies & Status in Taiwan

15:30   9. Wahyunto (ICARD, ID) -- Case studies & Status in Indonesia

16:00  10. Charlie Navanugraha (Mahasarakham Univ., TH) -- Case studies & Status in Thailand

16:30  11. Rodelio Bello Carating (BSWM, PH) -- Case studies & Status in Philippines

March 3 (Thursday)

09:00  12. Mai Van Trinh (IAE, VN) -- Case studies & Status in Vietnam

09:30  13. Suk Young Hong (NAAS, KR) -- Case studies & Status in Korea

10:00  14. Thavone Inthavong (NAFRI, LA) -- Case studies & Status in Laos

11:00  15. Zaw Naing (Myanmar Credent Tech., MM) -- Case studies & Status in Myanmar

11:30  16. Giashuddin Miah (BSMRA U., BD) -- Case studies & Status in Bangladesh

Session 3:  Towards the Advanced Use of Satellite and Geoinformation for Agriculture and Environment

13:00  17. Kees de Bie (U. Twente, NL) -- Use of Satellite data for A&E

13:30  18. Toshihiro Sakamoto (NIAES, JP) -- Use of Satellite data for A&E

14:00  19. Kazunori Kohyama (NIAES, JP) -- Geo-Inventory/database for A&E

14:30  20. David Sprague (NIAES, JP) -- Use of Geo-data for A&E

15:00  21. Taichi Furuhashi (OSGeo Japan/MAPconcierge, JP) -- OSGeo for A&E

Discussion:  Toward a Research Consortium for Advanced Use and Sharing of Geoinformation in Monsoon Asia

16:00  All participants

17:00  Adjourn

March 4 (Friday)


09:30-15:00  JAXA; Geospatial Information Authority of Japan;


Dr. Yoshio Inoue, Dr. Tetsuhisa Miwa
National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES)
3-1-3 Kan-non-dai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8604, Japan.
Tel: 029-838-8220 Fax: 029-838-8199
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