MARCO International Workshop 2013
Evaluation and Mitigation of Environmental Impacts in Agricultural Ecosystems for Sustainable Management

(2013年10月16日-17日 つくば)

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独立行政法人農業環境技術研究所は、10月16日(水曜日)から17日(木曜日)の2日間、つくば国際会議場 (エポカルつくば) において、MARCO ワークショップ 「持続的農業生態系管理のための環境負荷の評価と削減」を開催します。





会期: 2013年10月16日(水曜日) 〜 17日(木曜日)

開催場所: つくば国際会議場(エポカルつくば) 中ホール300 (つくば市竹園2−20−3)

使用言語: 英語

主催: 独立行政法人 農業環境技術研究所 (NIAES)

共催: 東北大学大学院 農学研究科

後援: 独立行政法人 科学技術振興機構 (JST)

参加費: 無料
※ 10月16日会議終了後、会費制(\ 5000 予定)によるレセプションがございます。




プログラム (予定)

10月16日(水曜日) 9:30 - 17:30


(独)農業環境技術研究所 理事長   宮下 清貴


  1. G. Cadisch (Hohenheim University, Germany)
    Land use intensification and associated sediment transport and nutrient flows in watersheds in tropical mountainous regions.
  2. J. M. Sanchez Perez (National Centre for Scientific Research, France)
    Mitigation measures to improve water quality in agrosystems.
  3. M. Lieffering (AgResearch Grasslands, New Zealand)
    Climate change in New Zealand: emissions, impacts and adaptations; case studies using extensive pastoral systems.
  4. Y. Huang (State Key Laboratory of Plant and Environmental Change, China)
    Greenhouse gas emission from China's croplands increased over the last decades but has feasible mitigation potential.

一般講演: 農業生態系流域における窒素循環

  1. X. Yan (Institute of Soil Science, China)
    Nitrogen budget of a headwater catchment of Qinghuai River and attribution of nitrogen in the river.
  2. S. Sauvage (National Centre for Scientific Research, France)
    Modeling tools for complex systems: water and contaminants transfers in hydrosystems.
  3. A. Hayakawa (Akita Prefectural University)
    Spatio-temporal variation of nitrate and phosphate concentration at river mouths in the Lake Hachiro watershed, Akita, Japan.
  4. Z. Cai (Nanjing Normal University, China)
    Agricultural land use affect nitrate production and conservation in the humid subtropical soil in China.
  5. J. Zhang (Nanjing Normal University, China)
    Mechanisms for the retention of inorganic N in acidic forest soils of southern China.
  6. M. Hojito (Kitasato University)
    N flow analysis in an organically managed beef farm.
  7. L. Li (Nanjing Agricultural University, China)
    Effect of combined use of biochar and fertilizer on maze yield and greenhouse gas emission in calcareous soil: 2 consecutive maize growing cycling.
  8. K. Kohyama (NIAES, Japan)
    The Nitrogen load estimated by statistical model and SWAT model in Kushiro-shitsugen watershed located on the eastern part of Hokkaido, Japan.
  9. C. Wang (Hokkaido University)
    Land use and hydrological process effect on suspended sediment dynamics in an agriculture-forest dominated watershed.
  10. S. Itahashi (NIAES, Japan)
    Evaluating a travel time for N in shallow aquifer in Kasumigaura region.
  11. A. Mori (NILGS, Japan)
    Effect of combined applications of manure and supplemental synthetic fertilizers on nitrous oxide emissions from a grassland in Nasu, Japan.
  12. Y. Xia (Institute of Soil Science, China)
    Indirect N2O emission of a rice paddy-dominated watershed.
  13. E. E. Ttheint (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
    Influence of different rates of gypsum amendments upon methane emission under Na-salinized paddy soil.
  14. M. Li (Hokkaido University)
    Evaluation of hot moment of N2O fluxes from managed grassland and cornfield, southern Hokkaido, Japan.

レセプション (つくば市天久保1丁目 フォーミールズ: 送迎有り)

10月17日(木曜日) 9:00 - 12:00

一般講演: 農耕地からの温室効果ガス削減技術と評価

  1. M. Hou (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
    Influence of nitrogen fertilizer application practices on nitrous oxide emission from tea soil in Japan.
  2. A. Z. Oo (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
    Spatio-temporal variations in methane emissions from lowland paddy rice in Myanmar.
  3. J. Ma (Institute of Soil Science, China)
    Rice plastic mulch technology to reduce CH4 and N2O emissions from paddy soils in Southwest China.
  4. X. Yan (Institute of Soil Science, China)
    Integration of efficiency, high yield and water saving rice plastic mulch technology.
  5. W. Takeuchi (University of Tokyo)
    Rice cropping practice changes and its impacts for methane emissions in Sichuan, China by integrated remote sensing measurements.
  6. K. Minamikawa (NIAES, Japan)
    Validation of the DNDC-Rice model for predicting CH4 emission from arice paddy with a plastic film mulching in Ziyang, Sichuan, China.
  7. T. Fumoto (NIAES, Japan)
    The need to adapt DNDC models to high performance computing.



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