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Details of data
Country or region name   Thailand
Organism group   plant
Order name   Cyperales
Family name   Poaceae
Species name   Acrachne racemosa
English common name   goosegrass
Substantially same species (synonym)  
Year of invasion or detection   1985
Native region  
Situation of establishment   Category 4: Settled after 1951, but not distributed all over the country
Taxonomic description
  Morphological feature: Culms tufted, erect or geniculately ascending. Leaf sheaths glabrous, compressed; leaf blades narrowly lanceolate, adaxial surface tuberculate-pilose at base, tapering to a setaceous apex. Inflorescence subdigitate or racemes arranged along a central axis; racemes mainly grouped in pseudo-whorls or pairs, ascending. Spikelets densely imbricate, oblong with serrate outline, florets 6-20, stramineous at maturity; glumes chartaceous-membranous; lower glume narrowly oblong, apex acute, mucronate; upper glume lanceolate, acuminate, awn-pointed; lemmas broadly ovate, keel scabrid, shallowly concave above middle and excurrent into a stout awn-point, lateral veins fractionally excurrent.
Expansion of distribution area
  There is no record of introduction. The plant was found in Kanchanaburi province, western Thailand, about 20 years ago.

Today, this plant is abund ant in many upland crops, such as maize, cassava, sunflower, as well as along roads in Kanchanaburi province. This plant is also found in other areas not densely populated.
Environmental impact
Economic damage
  The goosegrass is an annual weed.
Writer's name and affiliation
  © Siriporn Zungsontiporn. Plant Protection Research and Development Office, Department of Agriculture, Thailand. (Written in May 2005)

Photos of alien and similar species and damage : 3
No. Kind of Photo Photo Name of copyright holder and explanation of photo
1 Alien species ar1   © Siriporn Zungsontiporn. Infestation of goosegrasses, Acrachne racemosa, on maize fields.
2 Alien species ar2   © Siriporn Zungsontiporn. Goosegrasses, Acrachne racemosa
3 Alien species ar3   © Siriporn Zungsontiporn. Goosegrasses, Acrachne racemosa.

Habitat : 2
No. Habitat
1   upland crop field
2   weedy field/margin of field


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