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Details of data
Country or region name   Japan
Organism group   plant
Order name   Lamiales
Family name   Scrophulariaceae
Species name   Bacopa monnieri
English common name   coastal waterhyssop, thyme-leafed gratiola, water hyssop, bacopa, herb-of-grace, Indian pennywort
Substantially same species (synonym)   Bacopa monnieria (L.) Wettst., Gratiola monnieria L., Lysimachia monnieri L.
Year of invasion or detection  
Native region   Europe, North Africa, Asia, South America, North America
Situation of establishment   Category 8: Introduced time is not clear, but not distributed all over the country.
Taxonomic description
  perennial and creeping herb
Expansion of distribution area
Environmental impact
Economic damage
Writer's name and affiliation
  Mitsuo Horita, NIAES

Photos of alien and similar species and damage : 1
No. Kind of Photo Photo Name of copyright holder and explanation of photo
1 Alien species bm1   NIAES

Reference : 1
1   Author   The Ecological Society of Japan (ed.)
Year   2002
Title   Provisional list of alien species naturalized in Japan
Magazine   In: Handbook of Alien Species in Japan, Chijin Shokan, Tokyo
Number   390pp
Key Word   Alien species, Japan

Habitat : 2
No. Habitat
1   paddy field
2   pond/lake/river/riparian


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