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Details of data
Country or region name   Thailand
Organism group   plant
Order name   Typhales
Family name   Typhaceae
Species name   Typha angustifolia
English common name   narrowleaf cattail
Substantially same species (synonym)  
Year of invasion or detection   1965
Native region   South America
Situation of establishment   Category 2: Settled after 1951
Taxonomic description
  Morphological feature: Typha angustifolia is a perennial herb, colonial, rhizomatous with long, slender, green stalks topped with brown, fluffy, sausage - shaped flowering heads. The plant is 1 - 2.5 meters tall. It spreads diageotropic subterranean stem and produces numerous large roots. Leaf blades are linear, with entire margin, glabrous, thick, narrow and obtuse at the tip and enclose the stem as a sheath at the base. Flower stalks arise and bear male flowers at the top with female flowers a little below. The naked axis between the staminate and pistillate flowers is generally 1 - 8 cm long. Fruits are about 5 - 8 mm long, subtended by copious white hairs.
Expansion of distribution area
  The plant may have been introduced into Thailand as an ornamental plant with flower being used for arrangements about 35 - 40 years ago.

Because of numerous tiny, light, wind-borne seeds, the plant spread to wetlands everywhere, competing for space with other plants, such as Sesbania bispinosa (Jacq.) W.F. Wight, whose flower is eaten as a vegetable. The plant grows well in shallow marshes and ponds throughout the country. The leaves are used as material for mat making. No information on consumption of narrow-leaf cattail in Thailand. Reportedly, it fueled a big fire in north-east Thailand sometime ago.

Environmental impact
Economic damage
  Typha angustifolia is a perennial herb.
Writer's name and affiliation
  © Siriporn Zungsontiporn. Plant Protection Research and Development Office, Department of Agriculture, Thailand. (Written in May 2005)

Photos of alien and similar species and damage : 4
No. Kind of Photo Photo Name of copyright holder and explanation of photo
1 Alien species ta1   © Siriporn Zungsontiporn. Infestation of the narrowleaf cattail, Typha angustifolia.
2 Alien species ta2   © Siriporn Zungsontiporn. Narrowleaf cattail, Typha angustifolia.
3 Alien species ta3   © Siriporn Zungsontiporn. Flowers of the narrowleaf cattail, Typha angustifolia.
4 Alien species ta4   © Siriporn Zungsontiporn. Seeds of the narrowleaf cattail, Typha angustifolia.

Habitat : 1
No. Habitat
1   pond/lake/river/riparian


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