niaesAPASD(Asian-Pacific Alien Species Database)

Data retrieval
   APASD provides information on invasive alien species (IAS) in the Asia-Pacific countries and regions.
   IASs are classified into eight categories: bacterium, fungus, insect, mammal, nematode, other animal, plant and virus.
   Data fields: country or region name, organism name (organism group, order, family, species name, English common name), year of invasion or detection, native region, situation of establishment, taxonomic description, expansion of distribution area, environmental impact, economic damage, reproduction, growth, countermeasure, similar species, host species, habitat, photo images, references, and writer's name and affiliation.
   To start a species search, click "Go to APASD" at the top of this page. Then select and click an organism group that you would like to search for. A list of IASs is displayed. By clicking "Details" in the list, information on the IAS will be shown.


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