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Purpose of the Asian-Pacific Alien Species Database (APASD).
   As the trade of agricultural products increases more and more globally, many of their diseases and pests are traveling with them. There has been a marked increase in the number of accidentally introduced pests of late years. Non indigenous species of all kinds - animals, plants, and microorganisms - are flowing into the Asian and Pacific region at a remarkable rate. Moreover alien species which have been introduced intentionally for pets, cultivation and industrial use have increased too. A lot of them have escaped and colonized in agro-ecosystem. Unchecked by natural enemies, many of these are becoming invasive pests that threaten not only human, animal, and plant health but also ecosystem. The losses caused by invasive alien species to Asian agriculture have been enormous.

   In order to establish countermeasures to prevent their invasion and spread, and minimize the economic and environmental damages caused by invasive alien species, it is very important to develop a database on invasive alien species for sharing new information with Asia Pacific countries by the Internet.
   To develop such a database and make up the network of the specialists for invasive alien species, the International Seminar (Tsukuba in 2003) and the International Workshop (Taichung in 2004) with attendants from Asian-Pacific countries were held, which were organized jointly by NIAES of Japan and FFTC of Taiwan. The database named "Asian-Pacific Alien Species Database (APASD)" was opened on the Internet in 2004.
   The purposes of the APASD are to help regulate the spread and infestation of invasive alien species, and to minimize economic damage and environmental impacts in the Asia-Pacific region caused by such species, by sharing information on invasive alien plants, insects, microorganisms, et cetera. Through the cooperation of contributors in many countries and regions, the data will become more and more useful for the accomplishment of this purpose.

Secretariat for the APASD
   National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences
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