Research and development for creating new industries and new demands using genetic engineering technologies

As an approach to obtain maximum benefits from agricultural organisms, genetic engineering technologies hold great potential. Our center is doing research and development to create new industries and new demands in the field of agricultural and medicinal industries by applying genetic engineering technologies to plants (rice), insects (silkworm and others) and animals (swine). In plants, for example, we are developing new rice varieties resistant to major diseases including blast. Moreover, we will include non-clinical and clinical research trials of rice-based edible vaccines for curing cedar pollinosis. In our research on insects, we are developing medicinal materials from silk protein and medicines for humans and animals using transgenic silkworm. Furthermore, in our animal research, we are developing transgenic pigs to produce immune-deficit pigs and animal models for human diseases.



  • Research Promotion Section for Genetically Modified Organisms
    Promotion of research for development of genetically modified organisms by following various relevant laws.
  • Functional Transgenic Crops Research Unit
    Development of new functional crops to produce high levels of useful materials such as functional components and medicines for human health.
  • Disease Resistant Crops Research Unit
    Clarifi cation of the molecular level mechanisms of disease resistance and development of new varieties resistant to various rice diseases by genetic engineering technology.
  • Transgenic Silkworm Research Unit
    Implementation of a wide range of research and development from analysis of gene functions to the production of useful materials using transgenic silkworm.
  • Transgenic Pig Research Unit
    Research and development to produce and utilize transgenic pigs with immune deficiency and animal models for human diseases.
  • Silk Materials Research Unit
    Research and development to produce silk protein materials, to develop utilization technologies, and to improve silk materials using transgenic silkworm technology and chemical modifi cation.
  • Insect Mimetics Research Unit
    Clarifi cation of molecular mechanisms of insect genes and proteins related to specifi c insect functions and their utilization to improve human life.