Implements NIAS Genebank Project for conserving, managing and distributing plant, microorganism and animal genetic resources

Human being have selected useful organisms from biological diversity and have bred better varieties through the long history of agriculture. At present, the importance of diverse genetic resources as materials for research and development has become even more evident with advances in science and technology. Genetic Resources Center established the NIAS Genebank Project to collect and introduce valuable genetic resources from domestic and overseas sources, to maintain passport and evaluation data, and to provide them widely for research and development for food and agriculture. The Project also carries out diversity studies and develops preservation technology to conserve genetic resources, and creates new genetic and breeding materials using irradiation mutagenesis and other methods. To date, the Project's conserved genetic resources include about 215,000 plant accessions, about 28,000 microorganism accessions, and about 1,000 animal accessions.


Hiroshi NEMOTO