Genetic Resources Center

Institute of Radiation Breeding

Development of experimental lines, breeding materials with new traits and new varieties using gamma-ray irradiation

The Institute of Radiation Breeding (IRB) has two irradiation facilities, namely, the gamma field and the gamma room, for mutation breeding of various crop species. The gamma field is the world's biggest circular irradiation field with a radius of 100 m and an an 88.8 TBq 60Co source at the center. The gamma room is a shielded building with a 44.4 TBq 60Co source used for the acute irradiation of seeds, bulbs, tubers and other plant materials.

The IRB is contributing to the peaceful usages of radiation through the development of new crop varieties by mutation breeding. In addition, the IRB is conducting research to create new mutants, develop crop varieties with new traits and to elucidate the function of genes through constructing the mutant resources useful for genome analysis.

    Dwarf tartary buckwheat variety “Darumadattan” with lodging resistance
    Ornamental yellow tartary buckwheat “Ionnokosai”
Ipomoea indica “IRBIi light blue” (left), original variety (right)

New varieties developed with gamma ray irradiation