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An Outline of IRB

Radiation breeding is chracterized by its merits; creation of new mutant characters, addition of very few traits without disturbing other characteristics of variety, and improvement of vegetatively propagated and even sterile plants.
The Institute of Radiation Breeding (IRB) is engaged in the development of new crop strains through mutation induction, and is conducting research into more efficient methods for inducing mutation. While working to contribute to the breeding of new varieties of various seed-propagated, vegetatively propagated and woody crops, the IRB is conducting fundamental research to elucidate the mechanism of mutation. The IRB has also pursued irradiation service and energetic joint research programs at the request of universities, private industries and local governments.

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Irradiation Facilities

The IRB comprises three irradiation facilities for the mutation breeding of crop species. The gamma field is a circular field of 100m radius with 88.8TBq Co-60 source at the center. The field is surrounded by a shielding dike of 8m in hight. The gamma greenhouse is an octagonal greenhouse of 7m radius for the chronic irradiation of subtropical plants. The gamma room is shielded building equipped with a 44.4TBq Co-60 source. The facility is used for the acute irradiation of seed, bulbs, tubers and scions.

Research Cooperation

Research collaboration is enhanced by holding the "Gamma Field Symposium" annually and promoting collaborative research programs through the Laboratory for the Gamma Field Visiting Researchers Program of the University of Tokyo.

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Institute of Radiation Breeding, NIAS, MAFF
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