JPSA Outstanding Paper Award 2018

Updated:September 11, 2018 (Tuesday)

The Japan Poultry Science Association (JPSA) Outstanding Paper Award 2018 was awarded to researchers from the Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, NARO (NILGS), namely, Keisuke Sasaki (Meat Quality Research Unit), Michiyo Motoyama (Meat Quality Research Unit), Takumi Narita (Farm Engineering Unit), Koichi Chikuhi et al. on September 6, 2018 for the paper entitled "Qualitative and quantitative comparisons of texture characteristics between broiler and Jidori-niku, Japanese indigenous chicken meat, assessed by a trained panel" published in J-STAGE / The Journal of Poultry Science 54(1) 2017, pp 87-96 DOI