JVMS Outstanding Paper Award 2018

Updated:October 1, 2018 (Monday)

The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science (JVMS) award recognizes outstanding papers published in JVMS every year. The research paper of Dr. Katsuhiko Fukai (Head of the Exotic Disease Unit, National Institute of Animal Health, NARO) et al. received the JVMS Outstanding Paper Award 2017 for outstanding contribution in the field of preventive veterinary medicine. They conducted infection experiment to confirm the effect of foot-and-mouth disease vaccine and published the results which can contribute to further strengthening of Japan's quarantine system.

Title: Experimental infections using the foot-and-mouth disease virus O/JPN/2010 in animals administered a vaccine preserved for emergency use in Japan
Authors: Katsuhiko FUKAI, Tatsuya NISHI, Nobuaki SHIMADA, Kazuki MORIOKA, Manabu YAMADA, Kazuo YOSHIDA, Kenichi SAKAMOTO, Rie KITANO, Reiko YAMAZOE and Makoto YAMAKAWA
Journal: JVMS 79(1): 128-136, 2017